AEP Ohio Incentives – Now is the Time – what does the future hold?

Mandated Energy efficiency programs will come to an end soon due to recent legislation. Come
learn about how this may impact your business and what you need to know about 2020. The
launch of the midstream Incentive Now program is in full force this year and participation in all
programs the first half of 2020 is imperative.

A lunch buffet will be provided with barbecue and a salad option

Speaker: Angie Rybalt

Mrs. Rybalt is the Outreach Manager for the AEP Ohio Energy Efficiency Programs. Angie’s
team is responsible for AEP Ohio Business Incentive program participation across multiple
sectors of Solution Providers and customers. Angie spent the first part of her career in financial
sales and with the belief that EE is financial sale she naturally shifted to energy efficiency sales.
She has supported the AEP Ohio energy efficiency programs for over a decade. Her key
strengths are the deep relationships she has made and understanding the sales process
surrounding energy efficiency amongst different customer segments.

Mrs. Rybalt currently serves on the board of the local chapter of Association of Energy
Engineers and has a BA in Business from The Ohio State University. Angie’s true passions are
yoga and spending time with her charming and chaotic little family.

March 10th, 2020

11:45 arrival, noon presentation begins

Smokehouse Brewing Company
1130 Dublin Rd
Columbus, OH 43215